Fatilino assumes an active attitude of environmental sustainability, adopts a careful approach, in the preservation of the surrounding environment, through the prevention of pollution, and the rational use of the resources necessary for the development of its activity and recognizes the demands of responsibility and retribution for with the surrounding social and cultural environment, contributing to sustainable development

In search of a greener future!

Fatilino encourages all its employees to achieve excellence in the exercise of their functions and in the pursuit of those that are its strategic objectives, assuming the following commitments:

  • Promote the rational and efficient use of raw materials, energy and natural resources;
  • Increase knowledge of the interactions of the company’s various activities with the natural environment;
  • Promote measures for nature conservation, cultural valorization and social responsibility;
  • Promote the rational use of natural resources and energy, controlling their consumption;
  • Minimize the production of waste and promote its recycling, reuse or adequate and controlled incineration;
  • Influence partners and suppliers to assume responsible environmental behavior and practices;
  • Raise awareness and train employees, reinforcing their awareness and promoting their environmental skills;
  • Minimize the production of waste, favoring its recovery, ensuring that the rest are sent to an appropriate final destination;
  • Adopt the best environmental practices, whenever technically and economically feasible, in order to continuously improve environmental performance;
  • Foster continuous training, keeping all relevant information for the organization up to date;